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erotic mind control story archive - She had sex with Catherine Kass the summer after I had sex with her, but I was surprised she would tell Lindsey this. "What, you had sex with a girl?" Lindsey asked excitedly. "Are you a lesbian?" "No way, I just like to have sex with girls sometimes. Believe me its awesome" she giggled, her cheeks were turning red. She looked at me and smiled. "Ok its Lindsey turn." "Ok Lindsey, truth or dare?" I looked at her and asked, smiling. She kept making eye contact with me and then breaking away. Her smile was soft and ...

Human penis size - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Many of the women were not particularly concerned with penis size and over 71% thought men ..... do big penises hurt?. AskMen.com. Retrieved on 2006-08-14. ...
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Big Penis - Painful relatinship. ... Top 99 Women| Add AskMen.com to your favorites| Make AskMen.com your home page| AskMen.com Boards| AskMen.com Blogs| ...
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Average Penis Size - What size women like. ... I want a big mammoth penis. Should I try to stretch or just cut off a horse's penis and force a doctor at gun ...
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Size Matters

Is it because having a big penis is cool? Or is having big breasts more sexually ... Surveys of women's attitudes to penis size regularly show that any ...
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My penis is to big... - Women's Health Support Forums

Hi, I know this is ment for women but I don't know where else to turn to. Every girl I meet, when it gets to the bedroom they are like OMG I think its.
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Why Woman Likes a Big Penis? - ArticleSet.com

Big men are most likely to have slightly bigger penises, although, ... A small, slender penis is not very rewarding in itself and many women complain that ...
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YesButNoButYes: Big Penis = Happiness?

When I asked women what attracted them to a man yesterday, I expected “big penis” to be the most common answer right off, but so far the responses have ...
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Since you already know that women love big penises let’s try and understand why exactly they love having sex with a man with a large penis. ...
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You know penis size matters when it comes to having great sex, but what matters more is it having aa big penis head or having a big penis base.
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Comment: yes, penis size is important, but in this case, fellows, women are who decide how important a small or big penis is. There are women who like big ...
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Believe me, for women, a big penis is the huge bonus they crave for. I mean it and you know it very well. Human beings crave for sex and the better the sex, ...
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Mens Health question: What do women think is a big penis? Usually anything bigger than 7 or 8 inches.
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Sex Addictions: Big Penis

Subject: Big Penis Question Hi Betty. I have a problem and that is my dick is too ... For some women, a dab of water-based lube can make a huge difference. ...
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Digg - From Women: Authentic Penis Size Preference Chart [SFW]

Will women find my penis "ideal" if it looks like that image? ... cervix pounded by a big guy who doesn't know how to use his tool, while african women tend ...
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Mister Poll: The Truth about penis size (A Womans Perspective)

Will you discuss this poll here with other women to express your opinions and other comments .... Which would prefer a big penis or great oral techniques ...
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Why Most Women Love A Big Penis

18 Jan 2008 ... Although your lover might not openly admit it to you, but the truth is that when it comes to penis size, most women love a big penis. ...
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Do women believe that a penis can be too big? - Yahoo! Answers

And if so what's too big? Would women prefer girth...
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Do women prefere a big penis Really caring about me plus being a great, imaginative lover works for me. If he's got a big one that's a great bonus, ...
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